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Turbenthal, Switzerland

August 2012.

"Bist du verrückt?" the fans ask.

It means "Are you crazy?" in German.

We hear this phrase over and over again, on the grid and outside our garage. In commentaries and over cups of coffee. At the end of the week since our decision, someone shouting "Bist du verrückt?" is as familiar to us as the smell of grease, metal, and burning rubber.

Truly being World-Class

It requires innovation, intuition, patience and perseverance. Doses of luck. And lots of misses. Missed lunches. Missed dinner dates. Missed appointments. And the birth of a child.

“I need to help one child walk before another,” says one of us.

Dawns, mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights all blur into one.

Someone works twenty-two hours. Another brings in a sleeping bag. Merry Christmas, a card reminds us.

There is blood and sweat and tears. Tools and tantrums thrown around. But we build and build and build. Test and test and test. Working sixteen hours a day for five months straight.

After a rookie season in 2011, to a sophomore season of learning in 2012, we’ve finally arrived.

2014 brings us three podium finishes, including a best ever 2nd place at the iconic Sachsenring circuit in Germany. Six Top 4 finishes. Nine bikes on the grid.

Off the track, our work has paid off too. We’re established contenders, with over 200 million fans from over 200 countries tracking our progress. We also win a clutch of awards in India and the world.

Fans know what a Mahindra motorcycle can do.

We know what perseverance can do.

We understand the power of innovation.


Mahindra MGP3O

Under the skin of a Moto3TM machine

A Moto3TM bike
can go from

0 - 100

in less than 3 seconds.

Faster than you can finish reading this sentence.

it has a top speed
of over


That’s 1km every
14.4 seconds.

Aerodynamic DNA

The bodywork is designed to change shape as it moves through the air at high speed, allowing it to slip through the air with minimum resistance.

Tyre Info

A Moto3TM motorcycle generates a tremendous amount of horsepower, and has to transfer this to the asphalt through a patch of rubber that’s the size of a credit card.

Now imagine doing that while going through a corner at over 200 kmph.

About the rider

A rider loses up to


in a 40 min race.

Now that's a lot of calories.

0 inches

That’s the distance, between a rider’s knee and elbows from the track during sharp cornering

Extreme Lengths

Moto3TM riders love going round corners ­fast! So much that they’re willing to lean up to 60 degrees (from vertical) to ensure this.

Lean and Lithe

The average Moto3TM rider weighs less than 60 kilos. In a sport where every gram counts, weight could make the difference between winning and losing.

From the Pit-Stop